Meet our City


Cardenia is a digital city located on the Cardano continent, our city has a diverse population, unique buildings and amazing places to travel.

Cardenia was founded by two people who seek to develop the city as a whole, creating elections with who has the citizens to choose how the project will be developed, we can vote on future releases of collections of buildings, animals, stores, cars and others. Initially we launched the basis for the votes which is the population, the Cardenians, members of the population who own our nfts can participate in the development of the city of Cardenia.

To keep our city clean we’ve added the citizens under a locked Policy ID, which means we won’t have any new residents in our project for now as everyone is in a long lockdown. For future releases we will consult with the community which steps are ideal for achieving a healthy and safe environment for everyone who has chosen to be a part of Cardenia.

Understand that participating in the pre-sale is a way to collaborate with the development and future of the project, in addition to holding a part of Cardenia with you.

You can find out more about our project and the city of Cardenia in our discord, we’ll be happy to see you there.

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