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10,000 unique Citizens on theCardano Blockchain, you can mint then direct on your Cardano Shelly wallet.

Click on Buy button and mint your citizen for 10 ADA.


How rarity is calculated

Cardenians were spawned with combined variations of over 120 parts, meaning that billions of cardenians with different rarities could be minted. All citizens were created through a locked Policy ID, which means that for a long period of time we will not have new residents in the city of Cardenia. Want to check your citizen’s rarity?

Rarity Check

How to buy

Step 1

Click buy and a new window will appear, you can buy it directly from Nami Wallet or from the deposit method. This process will randomly reserve a Cardenian and send it to you after the purchase.

Step 2

Please send the exact amount to the address that appears to the correct wallet address. We recommend you to send using Nami Wallet, CC Wallet, Yoroi, Daedalus or AdaLite. Never buy using binance or another exchanges address.

Step 3

After payment we will return your new Cardenian Citizen to the wallet that sent the amount requested, you will pay 10 ADA + gas fee, delivery time depends on epoch's confirmation speed.

Become a citizen of Cardania and be part of our community

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About NFTs

NFTs is a simply way to be active trading collectibles, Cardano Blockchain can make it happen in a smoth way. Cardenians is made for those who want to buy, sell, hold and chill. We believe that collecting and actively participating as a community of artistic activities can collaborate with the development of the ecosystem as a whole and our project is here to be part of that.


What exactly is Cardenia City?

Cardenia is a pixel art city simulation, where an ecosystem is created from drops so that it is possible to perform interactions in the future.
Like any city, it needs citizens, buildings, quality of life, politics, and constant updates, Cardenia is a project for the community to work together in the city’s development for a long time. Our first drop is the citizens, the Cardenians and the future drops who decide are the Cardenian holders, including free airdrops for those who held the Cardenians with us.

How do I buy a Cardenian?

To buy a Cardenian you will need to deposit 10 ADA in the wallet on the purchase page, it is also possible to deposit multiple amounts of 10 to receive more than 1 Cardenian, if you have registered in the pre-sale you will receive an email and role on our discord server to view how to pre-purchase your packages on the 12th, the wallet address will only be available on the specific channel in our discord.

Do I need to link my wallet account to buy it?

No, to buy a Cardenian you need to make a deposit (send) the specified amount in ADA for the wallet provided, remember that non-Shelly era wallets cannot have a CNFT inside, so we advise you to send the amount from Nami Wallet, Yoroi, Daedallus or CC Wallet.
We cannot be held responsible for incorrect submissions or exchanges made such as Binance for example, be aware of that.

How can I help grow the project?

The project works with 50% of the devs doing the work that’s needed and 50% of the community joining the city, it’s no longer a CNFT project to launch 10,000 nfts collections and make money fast, nor do we want our city to be supported just by market runs and for members to join just to get a quick cash selling it after drop, it’s a project to last for a long time. Cardenia is an environment to be developed, to make this possible you, as a citizen, can whenever possible remind other collectors that Cardenia exists and is a safe and inviting environment for everyone, whether on discord or twitter.

Why work like this?


No one can or should have more right to decide the future of the project than the people who invested and believed in it.
Our team believes that our CNFTS holders have as much right as we do to decide on how the project should go and that’s why we work that way.
This is critical to the transparency and functionality of our project.

Voting System

What exactly will I vote for?

Initially, the votes will occur around the new drops, some of them will be free airdrops for those who have a Cardenian, and the others will be useful assets that can interact with Cardenia’s nfts ecosystem, basically, you will vote on themes, order, and quantity of the next drops.
In due course, we will vote on how the token’s utility will be implemented.

How many votes will there be?

There will be 10,000 votes, each vote represents 1 Citizen, if you have 15 citizens, you can vote 15 times. It’s only fair that people who invested in the city’s future and had more citizens can vote on how many Citizens it has, so we’ll work that way. Only citizens will count as a ticket to vote, future drops will only be interactive with Cardenia’s environment.

Is the development of the voting system ready?

With the launch of Smart Contracts at Cardano, we were able to develop a better idea of how we can create rules for validating CNFTS within our policy id and counting votes with this, we do not have the voting system ready yet and we are working on the best way to implement a validation that hits the different types of wallet we currently have and count all votes directly from the blockchain.